FUDCon Zurich is over

As FUDCon Zurich is over now, I would like to thank all who joined up and participated in. Overall it was a great time and a lot of joy, organizing this event. Maybe it wasn’t the most productive (in form of hacking) FUDCon ever, but I guess it was one of the most entertaining.

Hanging out together, having a good time, doing chit chat (and maybe even get drunk in the bunker) is necessary for team and community building.

The Barcamp sessions on Sunday where very interesting, and an option for the next FUDCon(s) could be to set up an Barcamp like open track on every event day.

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One Response to “FUDCon Zurich is over”
  1. nicu sagt:

    the barcamp could have been better… we should NOT had it in the last day, when everyone was busy and thinking at the trip home. during a barcamp people interact better with eac one than during formal presentations.

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