Linuxtage HS10

Together with theAlternative (a group of students who are interested in digital sustainability), we are organizing an bi-yearly event called Linuxtage where students can join up and are getting help in installing Linux.

It consists of an introduction course, two install evenings (one at the ETHZ and one at the University Zurich) and an advanced course.


Due to the fact that the students already know Fedora now from their student lab computers (which we have recently migrated) they are gettin more interested in having it on their own computer too.

As it’s not really limited even people from the region could join the events (and also do).

This autum, I was doing the introduction course at the ETH Zurich where I was talking about how to free devices (and minds). It was a lot of fun and I got very good feedback.

Besides that I was helping at the install event which happened at the University Zurich where I prepared a bunch of machines with Fedora.

I also thought about what to improve for the next time as we ran into a few problems. Modern laptops or netbooks often do not have a CD/DVD drive, any more, so USB keys or something similar are needed for installation. As the ETH already produces so called SafeIT USB keys which are handed out to every student, it would be great if they will be shipped with a bootable Fedora in the future.

In general I am trying to keep in contact with the students whose devices I’ve prepared and I got a feedback from a girl who broke her system shortly after the event by shutting down the machine while upgrades have been installed. This brought me back to the Stable release updates vision which would allow people to install fewer but more related updates.

I am looking forward for the next event which hopefully will happen in spring 2011.

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