Newlooks – a classic touch for GNOME 3

The design of the default GNOME 3 theme Adwaita has been optimized for the GNOME Shell where it really shines but it’s not really meant to be used in the Fallback Mode.

This is why I have created a port of the theme called Newlooks which makes use of the Clearlooks colors.

Just download the archive and extract it to the /usr/share/themes folder.

To activate it, you could use gnome-tweak-tool and select:

Interface / Gtk+ Theme: Newlooks
Interface / Icon Theme: Mist
Windows / Current Theme: Newlooks

The theme is not a rewrite of Clearlooks for GTK+ 3 (which will hopefully be created somewhen)

PS: I have not yet found a way to change the color of the handlers, so if you got any tip on that, please leave me a note:

01. Juli 2011 von Marcus
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  1. And for those who missed it: I have also created a Nodoka Port for Openbox, meant to be used with LXDE:

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