Try GNOME3 (with Fallback mode)

GNOME3 is knocking on the door and is one of the most anticipated releases, we’ve ever had. If you already took the chance and tried out a Fedora 15 nightly desktop compose, you have seen the changes and improvements that have been made in comparison to previous GNOME versions.

On a modern graphic card, GNOME3 will start the GNOME Shell which is a complete break with the commonly known desktop environments. It has not task bar for task switching, instead it relies on Alt+Tab a lot. But don’t be afraid, you can still switch back to a so called Fallback mode if you prefer the old GNOME layout and behavior. Fallback mode will also be automatically activated on low-end graphic cards and so within virtualized environments. Just open System-Settings / System-Information / Graphics and activate Forced Fallback Mode if you got a powerful hardware but still prefer a classic layout.

Fallback mode is still not perfect yet (e.g. bright white handlers look a bit displaced) and has some bugs (e.g. application menu crashes after adding an icon from the menu to the panel), but overall it’s quite usable.

So wherever you are used to Alt+Tab and are interested in a new desktop experience, take a look at GNOME Shell. If you prefer a taskbar for window switching and menus for starting applications, just activate Fallback Mode.

07. März 2011 von Marcus
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  1. I’m looking forward to testing this Gnome 3 tomorrow. I’ll try both methods, but to be honest, I think I’ll stick with the fallback-mode. Even though I’ve heard from multiple sources that it does require some programming yet.
    Why did they have to change it? :(

    Might as well try Mint at the same time :/

  2. I was very happy with Gnome2 (without panel)+Compiz+Beril+Avant Manager until now. I am not pleased with fallback-mode of Gnome 3, just because it is buggy, slow and lack of features in compare of Gnome2. So finally I moved on KDE4 (without panel) + Compiz+Beril+Avant Manager. It is somehow slower (when start) and need to be tuned (some options about text rendering), but finally it is working fine for me. And in this configuration all my GTK programs are working, QT programs work even better. Why do people (Developers) always invent some wheel. Just pick up best from open source, make GUI options that will help to use and construct Desktop you like. Avant, Docky, Panel, Widgets, Compiz, Gnome themes, Emerald+…..! There are so many excellent features I can use and totally change my “user experience” to what I like. I never will go back to Windows. There is no comparison with that boring blue screens. But I hate my user experience forced on me by Gnome Shell.

  3. So, how are we to test GNOME3 inside a virtual machine?
    My attempts have all failed with a locked up VM.

  4. Thanks for showing the fallback mode! And how to force it. Most articles mention it, but without more detail.

    Not only that I don’t like the default GNOME3 mode (yet) from what I’ve tried, I’m especially worried about the WAF.


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  6. Danke für den Tipp! Ich arbeite seit eine Woche mit Fedora15+Gnome3 auf einem alten DELL-Notebook aber die neue Shell -auch wenn sehr schön- ist so instabil gewesenl…


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